The Law Firm. Reinvented.

Former Federal Prosecutors

Former Law Enforcement

High-Stakes Civil Litigators

Years of Collective Experience

We Practice Law the Way it Should Be

  • With compassion for our clients.
  • With a refusal to give up until we obtain the best possible result.
  • With an unmatched work ethic.
  • With the real-world experience to meet our opponents head on.
  • With a knack for thinking outside the box.

An Unparalleled Team

We are trial lawyers driven by a passion for justice and an unwillingness to settle for less. We have prevailed against the most powerful opponents. No case is too big or too small. If we are confident we can make a difference, we will help.

World-Class Representation at a Fair Price

We challenge the notion that world-class legal representation is unaffordable. We offer flat-fee billing so our clients know what their case will cost, and when we bill for our time, we’re fair and transparent.

We left our partnerships at a larger St. Louis law firm to create an unparalleled legal experience combining the knowledge and sophistication of a large firm with the personal attention and competitive pricing of a boutique. It’s a perfect combination.

We’re Here to Help

We take our responsibility seriously, and we are profoundly grateful our clients turn to us for assistance. We do everything we can to obtain the best possible result and our defining difference is important: we don’t give up until we’re convinced we have achieved that objective.