Civil Rights

people inside the voting precint

Civil Rights

This firm was founded on a legacy of demanding justice. It’s in our blood. 

Our clients frequently come to us because they are victims of excessive force by police, because their property has been unconstitutionally seized by law enforcement, because their freedom of speech has been threatened, and/or because governmental actors have retaliated against them for exercising their civil rights. 

If a police officer or government official violates your constitutional rights, you can file a Section 1983 lawsuit. These cases can be extremely complex and replete with landmines because the law provides protection to government actors that does not apply to ordinary people. For example, our opponents will almost invariably attempt to invoke qualified immunity or sovereign immunity to deprive our clients of what is right. This makes it especially vital to utilize experienced attorneys who understand the nuances of this area of law and who anticipate what is coming before your case is even filed.  

Whether you or a loved one has been treated unfairly by law enforcement or by any other elected official, we are uniquely situated to fight for you. Our team—which includes two former federal prosecutors, a former federal judicial law clerk, former law enforcement, and seasoned civil litigators with decades of experience—has the depth and expertise to fight for our clients.

We represent ordinary people seeking justice for government misconduct that is inexcusable. We treat our clients like family and routinely take on opponents with unlimited resources who try to utilize intimidation and bullying tactics to deprive people of what is right. 

With thorough preparation, attention to detail, and a creative approach to our cases, we work tirelessly with our clients in crafting strategies around what our clients want and need and we strive to tell our clients’ stories as effectively and authentically as possible. 

With every case we take on, our goal is to make a difference. We fight not only to recover the just compensation our clients deserve, but also to stop tragedies from happening to other people. For us, this is personal—and the law provides a mechanism to hold governmental actors accountable.