Family Law Appeals

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Family Law Appeals

If you didn’t win at trial, it’s important to do everything possible to prevail on appeal—and our top-notch team of appellate litigators is here to help. 

Whether you have an asset division, spousal or child support, or child custody-related issue, it’s essential your appellate attorneys understand both the family court system and the rules of appellate practice. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s critical your appellate team thinks outside the box when approaching your case. 

A family law appeal provides you with an opportunity to raise legal issues with a panel of three judges sitting on a higher court. There are many reasons you may consider appealing your family law case: a mischaracterization of marital or separate property; improper division of assets or debt; incorrect assumptions made in determining spousal or child support amounts; or, issues with a parenting plan or child custody judgment, to name a few.

We have the knowledge and background necessary to identify potential issues with your case and help preserve them for appeal. Our skilled appellate attorneys have briefed and argued appeals in every appellate court in the State of Missouri, including the Missouri Supreme Court, and in federal appellate courts throughout the United States. 

If you believe there is an issue with your family court judgment and would like to discuss your options on appeal, do not delay. You generally have 10 days after a judgment becomes final in which to timely file your appeal.