Complex Litigation

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Complex Litigation

This firm was founded on a legacy of demanding justice. It’s in our blood.

We routinely represent individuals and businesses in complex civil cases in state and federal court. 

At all stages of litigation—from investigation to drafting critical pleadings, from conducting written discovery to hitting it out of the park in depositions, from litigating pretrial motions to arguing before a judge or a jury at trial—we have the experience, expertise, and perspective to fight for you. 

Like many other law firms, we have favorably resolved many lawsuits before trial through dispositive motion practice and/or settlement. But what makes our team unique is our trial acumen. Our team—which includes two former federal prosecutors, a former federal judicial law clerk, former law enforcement, and seasoned civil litigators with decades of experience—has a proven track record of trial experience that has also led to favorable, and often confidential, settlements. 

We respect and appreciate that many people and businesses we represent would prefer to avoid trial when possible—and, in those cases, we pursue resolutions through motion practice, mediation, and settlement negotiations. But, as our opponents well know, if a trial becomes the best option, our team is a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom. We don’t posture; we perform. 

Whether your case is a class action (which can provide relief for groups of people who have all suffered from a common course of wrongful conduct), or whether your case involves multidistrict litigation involving, for example, a mass tort, we have the experience necessary to fight for you. We have filed complex litigation cases against enormous companies and Justin Gelfand has been appointed by a federal court to serve on the steering committee for a federal nationwide multidistrict litigation matter against a multinational pharmaceutical company.