IRS Audits and “Eggshell Audits”

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IRS Audits and “Eggshell Audits”

We routinely represent individuals, entities, partnerships, estates and others in IRS examinations. 

Tax disputes can be frightening and complex. But that’s where we come in. Our goal is to resolve cases early where possible. And even where audits are extensive, we work with our clients to develop a strategy that makes sense, we interface with the IRS revenue agent, and we aggressively pursue obtaining information to which our clients are entitled from the government. 

We have succeeded in resolving tax disputes for our clients because we have the background, reputation, and experience to fight back against the IRS when necessary. 

Frequently, we represent clients in “eggshell audits”—where there may be possible criminal exposure but where the IRS is conducting a purely civil audit or examination. 

Our team—which includes two former federal tax prosecutors—is here to help if you are facing any audit or examination by the IRS.