judgement scale and gavel in judge office


When it comes to sentencing, your choice of an attorney couldn’t be more critical. Our team is exceptional at crafting a strategy most likely to result in the best possible result at sentencing. And we deliver. 

While a sentencing hearing is a critical proceeding at which you want the best possible team in your corner, the work we do on your behalf starts long before your day in court. 

In positioning you for success at sentencing, we painstakingly review your case, lodge objections where appropriate, attain concessions from the government, gather evidence, and craft persuasive sentencing documents—all in an effort to get you the most lenient possible sentence. 

With thorough preparation and personalized attention to detail, we strive to understand every facet of your case. We work tirelessly, crafting strategies around what you want and need, and strive to tell your story as effectively and authentically as possible.

It is essential that your lawyers have the ability to think creatively and to act persuasively when it comes time for sentencing. Our team is adept at using the law and the facts to ensure you the best possible result. 

Our team—which includes two former federal prosecutors, former law enforcement, a former federal judicial law clerk, and seasoned trial attorneys—has handled countless sentencing proceedings and never misses an opportunity to use every possible tool to your benefit.