Offshore Account Disclosures

Offshore Account Disclosures, FBAR Compliance Issues, and Voluntary Disclosures

We’re always looking to prevent a problem before it actually becomes a problem. If you’ve failed to report your ownership interest in overseas accounts or left income off a tax return, we can help. 

The IRS has mechanisms by which taxpayers can become compliant with the tax code by providing truthful and complete disclosures which can often prevent your situation from evolving into an expensive audit or even a criminal prosecution. 

Our team—which includes two former federal tax prosecutors, a former federal judicial law clerk, and seasoned tax litigators with decades of experience—has prepared countless offshore account disclosures, voluntary disclosures, and handled myriad FBAR compliance issues. 

We have established relationships with world class accountants with whom we work closely to bring you into compliance before it’s too late. Our experience, expertise, and tireless drive to achieve the best results for our clients will position you for success, no matter your situation.