Crisis Management

Crisis Management

We Get It.  Reputation Matters.

A public investigation. A high-profile lawsuit. Criminal charges.

Whatever the situation is, we get it—reputation matters. And in this day and age where daily life is often detailed online, the narrative is often controlled by others to the potential detriment of our clients.

We believe it’s not only important to protect your legal interests; it’s vital to manage your personal narrative and reputation—before, during, and after your time of crisis.

For a large number of the cases we handle, this is not a necessary expense, but for some, it’s absolutely critical.

Our Crisis Management Partner,  Former Senior Executive Producer of CNN’s White House Unit

We are a law firm—not a public relations firm—so we work regularly with Washington, D.C.-based veteran journalist and communications professional, Danielle Whelton, when our clients could benefit from her expertise.

Danielle spent 16 years in a variety of roles for ABC News, CNN, and CNN International, including 5 years as Senior Executive Producer of CNN’s White House Unit, and keenly understands the way in which information—and misinformation—can alter circumstances and have a lasting impact. Since leaving journalism, Danielle has spent over a decade at top-flight Washington, D.C. communications firms managing crisis communications, reputational emergencies, and coaching clients through the toughest of situations by developing strategies and tactics to control both the content and flow of information, as well as crafting personalized guidelines for clients as they navigate through challenging terrain.

If you think she can help, we will happily work with her, or any other professional you prefer, on your case.