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Child relocation cases are some of the most difficult cases family courts decide. Last year, nearly 28 million Americans relocated their primary residence. These moves can have significant implications in terms of your custody rights and family finances. Where your child lives can have a huge effect on your ability to maintain a close and healthy relationship with your child. Regardless of whether you are the parent seeking to relocate with your child or the parent seeking to retain custody of your child in Missouri, the choice of an attorney is vital to the outcome of your case. We have successfully resolved and litigated countless Missouri relocation cases.

In Missouri, the ability to relocate with your child will depend on whether a court believes the relocation is in the child’s best interest. In making this determination, a court will examine several factors, including:

  • The reasons for the proposed relocation;
  • Your child’s relationship with each part and any other person who may significantly affect the child’s best interests;
  • Your child’s adjustment to home, school and community; and
  • The effects to your child caused by a change in custody.

Courts may also consider whether the proposed move is intended to frustrate the non-relocating parent’s rights or relationship with your child and the extent to which both parents have been involved in your child’s life and daily activities. 

We have the experience and a proven track record of successfully resolving complex relocation cases. Whether we are working to negotiate a resolution to your relocation case or litigating it to conclusion, your rights and interests are always our first priority.