Criminal Defense and White Collar

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense and White Collar

When you’re under investigation or charged with a crime, the stakes don’t get any higher. We’re here to help.

Former Federal Prosecutors

Former Law Enforcement

Veteran Defense Attorneys

Years of Collective Experience

Our team has the world-class training, experience, and instinctual drive to vigorously represent our clients’ interests every step of the way.

Elected officials, attorneys, former and current law enforcement officers, former prosecutors, doctors, accountants, business executives, and other people from all walks of life turn to us for advice and counsel.

We Handle High-Profile and Low-Profile Cases

We handle high-profile cases throughout the country, representing people in federal and state courts, and before federal agencies including the IRS, SEC, and the FEC. We have a stellar track record at the negotiation table and in the courtroom—and we come ready, willing, and prepared for the fight at hand, ensuring nothing is left on the field.

We do everything we can to stop criminal investigations, to persuade authorities not to file charges, and to stop a story from ever breaking. We are proud of our successes in keeping cases lower-profile, and while we cannot share the details of some of our best moments, we are gratified our clients received the best outcomes because of our job well done.

We’re Ready to Fight For You

Whether our clients are wrongly accused or simply had a lapse in judgment, we do everything we possibly can to obtain the best possible result.