Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

This firm was founded on a legacy of demanding justice.  It’s in our blood.

We represent ordinary people seeking justice. We treat our clients like family and routinely take on opponents with unlimited resources who often utilize intimidation and bullying tactics to deprive people of what is right.

Collectively, our team has the world-class training, experience, and instinctual drive to vigorously represent our clients’ interests every step of the way:

Justin Gelfand, a former federal prosecutor with extensive trial experience in sophisticated cases throughout the country, hails from a family of trial attorneys practicing personal injury, medical malpractice, and business litigation for three generations.  Justin has represented multinational corporations, universities, and everyday people in state and federal civil litigation.

Greg Bailey, a former federal prosecutor who also handled federal civil litigation matters on behalf of the country’s largest energy regulatory agency, capably handles civil litigation matters in state and federal courts throughout the country.

Ian Murphy has successfully represented large and small companies and everyday people in state and federal litigation ranging from the routine to the complex.

Bill and Art Margulis have spent decades representing the underdog against unspeakable odds—and have a track record of success.

With thorough preparation and personalized attention to detail, we strive to understand every facet of our clients’ cases. We work tirelessly with our clients, crafting strategies around what our clients want and need, and strive to tell our clients’ stories as effectively and authentically as possible.

With every case we take on, our goal is to make a difference. When our clients are victims of large companies or the Government, we fight not only to recover the just compensation they deserve, but to stop tragedies from happening to other people.

We routinely handle civil cases in federal court and state courts.

On civil cases, we work closely with the Beverly Hills law firm of Gelfand & Gelfand.  For over 40 years, Gary Gelfand has successfully litigated cases throughout the country securing some of the highest settlements and verdicts in the field.  Gary has spent four decades focused solely on civil litigation, holds an advanced law degree from Washington University in St. Louis, and is an adjunct professor of law in California teaching medical malpractice litigation.