Education Law

Education Law

We have experience on all sides of the table: representing schools, faculty members, and students.

Representing Students

We get it: no matter the allegation, it can affect a student forever. Any criminal charge carries the possibility of jail, a fine, and a criminal record. But for students, the collateral consequences are also significant: impact on scholarships, student loans, graduate school aspirations, suspension, and expulsion.

Whether you or your child is facing allegations in the criminal justice system or a school disciplinary proceeding, we have substantial experience. Our team has defended students in Missouri including students at Washington University in St. Louis, Saint Louis University, the University of Missouri, and others. Our experience also includes Title IX matters.

Any school that receives federal funding must comply with Title IX, which generally prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex. We have experience in all aspects of Title IX: representing universities, representing students claiming a violation of the law, representing students accused of violating the law, and advising institutions of higher education on Title IX best practices and during Title IX investigations.

We also have substantial experience providing general representation to universities, faculty members, and students in a variety of different matters.