Tax Crimes

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Tax Crimes

Our tax litigators are top notch, and we have extensive experience in substantive tax law, tax procedure, and trial experience. We are routinely on the front line of tax disputes from inside the courtroom. 

When you’re charged with a tax crime, it’s critical that you assemble an experienced and capable team to take on the fight. Your freedom and your reputation are on the line, and it’s essential that your attorneys fully understand the tax code and the rules of criminal procedure and are willing to think outside the box in crafting a strategy to help you come out on top.

Our team—which includes two former federal tax prosecutors, a former federal judicial law clerk, former law enforcement, and seasoned litigators with decades of experience—has the depth and expertise to represent you and/or your business in contentious tax prosecutions.  

Like many firms, we favorably resolve many matters before trial through motion practice and/or settlement—and we appreciate that this is what many of our clients want. But what makes our team unique is our trial acumen. Our proven track record of trial experience has also led to favorable results. We don’t posture; we perform. 

We have the world-class training, experience, and drive to vigorously represent your interests every step of the way. Elected officials, attorneys, former and current law enforcement officers, former prosecutors, doctors, accountants, business executives, and other people from all walks of life turn to us for advice and counsel.

Whether you’ve been wrongly accused or simply had a lapse in judgment, we will do everything we can to obtain the best possible result for you.

We routinely represent individuals charged with tax crimes and are eager to fight for you and your freedom.